GMC and Dude Perfect have engineered never seen before basketball shots. If you were to engineer a never seen before basketball shot, what would it be? 12 hours from the next stage…<br/> <br/> So as I begin to type this I am roughly 12 hours from setting out on the next adventure in my life…. I will walk out of the company I have worked for the last 5 years without a job or any clue what I will do next for money.<br/> <br/> Let the quest begin.<br/> <br/> For the last 2 years I have been “learning” a new skill called product development. There were few options for me when the client I supported decided to take their business in house. This was the first thing to come along and I jumped on it without really knowing what I was getting in to.<br/> <br/> The first 16 months were a wash. With little guidance and less support I was adrift at sea as it were. It was not a very productive time and I think that is where the initial seed was planted to move away from the organization.<br/> <br/> As I became more familiar with the actual duties and timelines of the position realized that this was not the right fit for me…. However it took the push from outside to push me over the edge and cut myself loose. My wife sent me a text after sitting through a session where the speaker told the audience that if you are not happy going to work every day then you need to get out. This does not mean that you will be in love with what you are doing all the time, but to dread spending time at the location that takes up most of your time and energy is unhealthy. It was starting to impact our relationship and my impact as a father to a 9 month old.<br/> <br/> The last things I want is to be a bad husband and horrible father.<br/> <br/> So I set off into the unknown… and that is okay. This will be a time to reflect on what I have done and what I want to do.<br/> <br/> I have tried to think of it as an evolution. To rise up stronger like the great phoenix. Out of the ashes comes a reborn, stronger, more focused person ready to tackle something that I will look forward to most days…<br/>